Why Carpet is a Great Choice for Commercial Flooring

Whether you’re renovating your entire commercial premises or simply giving one room an overhaul the question of which flooring to choose is an important one. It dictates the overall look and feel of the space and enhances (or detracts from) the atmosphere you want to create.

So if you’re tossing up between hardwood, ceramic tiles and carpet, here’s why the latter is a great choice. Perhaps after reading this you’ll even be ready to contact a specialist Commercial Carpet Manufacturer to get the installation work started.

The carpet will have your space looking better

Carpet is a great way to change up the look and feel of a place without having to invest in expensive new furniture or wall coverings. Choose a high-quality carpet in a bold colour or pattern and it will easily carry the interior scheme, perhaps requiring only white or neutral paint and relatively plain curtains and furnishings to complement. And with bespoke options available you could even tailor your colour choice to your brand colours or logo.

Ever walked into a familiar space and could tell a huge difference, but you could not trace what exactly it was? It could well have been the carpet.

The carpet will reduce noise pollution

Moving furniture, dropping things, and even footsteps on a hard floor can be very noisy. Not only for those within the room but often for anyone who happens to be downstairs too. With a carpet, all this noise is muted.

Likewise, voices, music and other background noise will echo around the room less if there is carpet underfoot to soften the acoustics and reduce sound levels. Perfect if yours is the kind of venue that offers peace and relaxation or one that plays host to presentations and speeches.

Carpets are safer

How often do people spill drinks on your premises? Puddles of liquid on a hard floor can often create slip hazards for unsuspecting guests. Spill on a carpet, however, and the liquid is taken into the fibres causing no risk to anyone! Useful particularly on stairs, slopes or other walkways.

And if a fall does occur? Tumbling onto a carpeted area is much less likely to cause a problem than landing on a hard floor surface, meaning less concern about filling in accident forms for your guests and visitors.

They cover up all the floor flaws you couldn’t hide before

You see that cracked tile right at the middle of your bar area, or that part of the temporary dance floor where the wooden planks are pock-marked from high heels?  You have been meaning to repair it, but the parts are out of stock and it’s a much bigger job that it sounded like it would be. Besides it never becomes a budgetary priority.

Why not cover the whole area with a carpet or rug instead? It will give your entire room a well-deserved facelift and more so, save your floor from further damage from hard falls and high heel.


There are many benefits to introducing carpet into your commercial premises. From creating an opulent look to reducing noise, you could even choose to go green by selecting an environmentally friendly wool option that uses no chemicals in its creation.

Why not contact a trusted  Commercial Carpet Manufacturer and get the ball rolling today?

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