What To Do When You Witness A Crime in Sydney

Sydney is a bustling whirlwind of adventures, with the most beautiful harbours and skies draped with the most vibrant hues. Located in the heart of Australia, this iconic city is one of the top destinations in everyone’s bucket list. Despite a high volume of residents and tourists, Sydney is a relatively safe place where you can relax and feel at ease.

But even the safest environments can come with unexpected dangers. Crime can linger in the most undetectable corners of the world, and when you happen to witness one, it pays to know exactly what to do. From making a detailed record of events to contacting criminal lawyers in Sydney, here are some heroic steps that may end up saving a life.

Dial 000

There are plenty of crime categories — all of which should be handled differently. If you happen to witness an emergency, such as sexual assault or public affray, then it is best to dial 000. By doing so, dispatchers can get on the scene immediately and tend to the injured before things take a turn for the worse. However, keep in mind not to interfere as authorities might think that you were involved in the incident, or you may hurt yourself in the process. Keeping within safe proximity until help comes is the best way to monitor the situation.

Keep A Detailed Record

Recent events have enforced the importance of keeping a detailed record of the events leading up to a crime. If you deem your position safe enough to do so, then take notes or record the incident with your smartphone. Presenting substantial evidence will be of significant help for the victim, especially if the situation ends up in court. A lot of incidents are left in the shadows because of the lack of concrete backing. As a witness, recording the crime can be one of the most helpful things that you can do to bring justice to the victim.

Additionally, try paying attention to the surrounding area. Some things that you should take note of are vehicle models and plate numbers, a description of what people look like, or anything out of the ordinary that can serve as solid evidence for tracking down the criminals. Make sure to describe them as clearly as possible.

Do Not Get Involved

While you may feel an adrenaline rush while witnessing injustice, it is not always the safest move to jump in without reason. As much as possible, do not touch or move anything in the crime scene — do not jump into it at all. This rule applies especially in dangerous situations, such as a robbery or drug trafficking. While there are strict gun laws in Sydney, the criminals involved may be armed with illegal weapons and are ready to hurt you. For your safety and to keep yourself out of the authorities’ radar, stay away from the endangering situation.

Get Help From Experts

If you plan to help the victim of a crime directly, or if you are one yourself, then it is important to get in touch with criminal lawyers in Sydney to sort out legal matters. For instance, you may need help defending yourself in court or filing paperwork against an abuser. You may also want proper guidance in reporting child pornography cases to authorities. Regardless of what it may be, there are layers of legal nuances that make it difficult to handle post-crime matters. Having a trusted lawyer with you throughout the process will prevent mistakes and make the recovery process smoother.

There is no excuse for committing crimes in this positively bustling city, so if you find yourself witnessing one, you now know what to do. Witnesses have saved lives in the past, and you can surely do so as well by being an informed resident, tourist, and human being.

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