The History of Online Gambling


The first internet gambling websites went live in the small Caribbean nations of Antigua and Barbuda in the mid-’90s. The adrenaline rush of taking a risk that is redoubled by a win is what drives most to wager. Some prominent names garner the spotlight when the pioneers of online gambling are spoken of. The leading lights in the industry have revolutionized gambling to give us the platforms available today. Various online platforms support an array of games, giving you one of the best online gambling experiences; is an online gaming site that can potentially give you some of the highest rewards. As more and more online gaming companies emerged, they offered higher bonuses, a wider range of games and technological advancements.

The present

Today with a single tap on your screen, you can access a wide selection of games, from blackjack to roulette and everything in between you have everything right in front of you. It wasn’t always as such, and there was a time when many countries like Canada considered gambling as a morally disreputable pastime. Today with the rise in technology and security, almost three-quarters of the population of Canada has a finger in one or the other ways of gambling. Today most of the countries like Japan, France and the UK have fully legal online gambling authorities that monitor and regulate the market. From the first online casino in 1994 to platforms that offered multiplayer online gaming in the year 1998 to VR in recent times the advancement seems no bounds. Today casino software developing companies leave no stones unturned when it comes to offering players the best and the safest gaming experience. These companies have developed online games that are supported on almost all hand-held devices and computers. You even have dedicated apps that give you the advantage of better performance and chances to win real money.

A look into the future.

In the last four years of the 20th century, the number of online gaming platforms or services increased 13 folds from just 15 in the year 1996 to 200. Today you have virtual reality headsets that you can put on and enjoy a session of gambling right from your couch. In the last two decades, the online gambling market has amassed a value of close to 50 billion dollars. This value, according to predictions, will double in the next five years, rising to a market value of close to 100 billion American dollars. The popularity of online gaming is on an upward trajectory as technological advancements continue to bring an update to these platforms. Today you may feel the hassle of travelling to a particular destination to enjoy your preferred casino. In the world of tomorrow with the click of a button, you will be able to switch between destinations around the globe. The integration of Virtual reality with online gaming platforms has a lot of potential in the future; we all have to wait and find out.

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