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Saving Money After You Move to Boston

Boston is a gorgeous city that has a long history and countless beautiful things to see and do. It’s one of the largest cities in the country, which unfortunately means that you’re going to face a lot of expenses that make it hard to thrive here.

If you want to get the most out of your life in this fantastic city, it’s vital that you plan ahead of moving here to get it right! These are the top ways to save money after you move to Boston.

1. Get a Roommate

Getting a roommate can be embarrassing to some, especially if you feel like you’re too old or successful for it, but there’s no age or income limit to trying to save money. Having a roommate can make everything from apartments to Boston houses for sale far more affordable.

Look for someone with similar interests to you that you feel like you could get along with. It’s important to get to know them first since this will give you a chance to be better prepared for what their personality and lifestyle are like.

2. Go For Public Transit

Although owning a car gives you some freedom, in Boston, it’s not worth it. Not only is traffic tragic, but owning a car can cost an average of $850 a month from tolls, parking, and insurance. That’s all before the cost of a car payment, which can push your bills into the thousands.

Public transit in Boston is reliable, affordable, and a far better option.

3. Take a Cooking Class

Although this can feel like a poor excuse to tell people not to eat out as much, buying groceries and cooking in bulk to make a meal plan is far more affordable than purchasing individual meals or ordering takeout as often.

Invest in a cooking class that can inspire you to cook more and give you the skills necessary to ensure it’s easy work and that you understand.

4. Enjoy Free Entertainment

There’s a lot of free entertainment in Boston! From getting fresh air and checking out the Freedom Trail to enjoying the common or heading to Castle Island, you have a full list of options that can make it exciting.

Although you can always pay to do things, it’s fun to see how much you can do for little or no money.

5. Network and Socialize to Grow

If you want to be able to save more money and can’t lower your bills in any way, it’s vital that you stop and look at your career. The job market in Boston is incredible and offers the chance to stop and create an interesting life for yourself.

Think about what jobs interest you, and make an effort to put yourself in the room with people who do this for a living or hire those that do. Although this can be stressful for some, employers like the initiative.

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Boston Doesn’t Have to be a Budget Breaker

When you’re ready to move to Boston, you don’t have to fear what your costs are going to look like. Instead, take the time to plan, and follow these tips to ensure your money stretches as far as possible!

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