Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Long Beach Personal Injury Attorney       

Long Beach has accident-prone intersections where motorists need to be cautious while navigating. Collisions causing severe damage mainly occur at the famous Long Beach Traffic Circle. Between 2013 and 2017, there were 148 fatal traffic accidents in the city.

I-405, Gerald Desmond Bridge, and I-710 freeway are the accident-prone zones in the city. Sudden lane changes, improper turning, and excessive speeding were the common reasons for the reported car accidents.

Should you find yourself at the receiving end of an unfortunate incident, immediately approach a Long Beach personal injury attorney. An experienced professional whom you can implicitly trust is best equipped to represent your case.

The Long Beach city authorities have a standard claim form that must be thoroughly completed and submitted with supporting documents. For personal injury claims, the documentary evidence includes itemized billing, medical records, and proof of payments. When the injury you suffer is due to the other party’s negligence, you have a valid personal injury case.

It helps to ask your potential lawyer specific questions to make an informed choice. For your easy reference, listing out your valid concerns that must be addressed:

What Type of Cases Can You Handle?

Road accidents involving cars, bikes, pedestrians, and cyclists, constitute a bulk of such cases in Long Beach. There may be other reasons, too, for which you need the expertise of a personal injury lawyer like calamities:

  • At your workplace
  • Arising from exposure to fire
  • From the usage of defective products
  • When attacked by a dog

To select a trusted and experienced Long Beach personal injury attorney, begin by evaluating the available options. You can access an exhaustive online directory covering various specialties of legal experts practicing in Long Beach, and view their client recommendations.

What Is Your Level of Experience?

Even if the attorney you approach is a personal injury specialist, make sure he or she has prior experience of handling your type of case. The said lawyer can represent you only when they have a valid license issued by the state of California. It is advisable to check for any history of disciplinary action taken against the attorney you intend to hire in Long Beach.

To successfully represent you in court, the qualified professional must be familiar with the relevant laws of Long Beach. It also helps when they have contacts with reliable investigators and medical experts who can further strengthen your case.

How Much Time Can You Devote?

In the city, claims for personal injury cases must be filed within six months from the date of occurrence and settled accordingly. Long Beach personal injury attorney juggling between different cases will find it difficult to devote adequate time to research your case thoroughly. To make a plan of action and represent you fairly in court, utmost dedication on the lawyer’s part is a must.

You will want your case to be filed sooner than later, for which the legal expert has to get on the job immediately.

What Is Your Fee Structure?

A professional personal injury lawyer practicing in Long Beach has to offer a free initial consultation. They are entitled to a percentage of the settlement cost recovered, referred to as a contingency fee.

If the attorney fails to recover your settlement dues, you are not obliged to pay them a fee. You should be able to negotiate this contingency fee percentage, especially when your case appears strong.

Why Should I Hire You?

The answer to this question will gauge the attorney’s interest in fighting your case and their level of confidence. Get an understanding of their success rate in this domain.

Find out how independently they can function without your involvement at every stage, given that you are in recovery mode. In your present state, you need a lawyer who is compassionate, understanding, and respectful.

Have faith in a fearless Long Beach attorney who is willing to walk the extra mile to secure your rightful compensation.

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