Possible Reasons Why You Are Having Trouble Ranking Your Website

It is a common story with website owners that they can have problems getting their website ranking and increasing their online visibility, and it can be a frustrating situation. There are many factors which can be holding your website back which you will need to investigate thoroughly. Below are some of the reasons you may be having issues ranking your website that if corrected could resolve your issue, and there is also plenty of free information freely available online on websites such as

Your Website Has A Penalty

If your rankings have taken a tanking and you are not sure what the issue is, the best thing to do is look for when the last big algorithm update was from Google and also look at your analytics. If the drop in traffic coincides with the update, then there is a good chance your website is being penalised by search engines such as Google. SEO penalty recovery can be tricky to work, and it may require some trial and error to rectify the problem. You may also wish to speak to digital marketing experts to see if they can assist you with fixing the penalty.

Your Onsite Is Bad

Another area to look at if you are struggling to get your website ranking is the onsite of your site, which includes, content, titles, headers, and other factors. One of the most critical onsite factors which tell the search engines what your site is about is the Page Title, and H1 Header, so your primary keywords should be included in these areas. Google gives you plenty of information on what needs to be done to rank a website, so make sure you look at their recommendations and try to adhere to them as much as you can.

A Lack Of Content

You may have heard the phrase that content is king, and when it comes to ranking in search engines, this is true. Without unique, relevant content for the search engines to index, you are going to struggle to rank your website, especially if you are looking to get on page one. Although you will not want to copy what your competitors have done, it is worthwhile looking at the top-ranking websites for your keywords and look at the content that they have. You can then start the process of adding fresh, relevant content to your site, which may assist you in achieving your desired rankings.

These are a few of the areas which can hold back your website from ranking, but there are others such as your backlink profile which you may need to look at closer. It is advisable to speak to digital marketing experts who will be able to assist you to rank your website and achieve your desired rankings to drive your business forward.

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