Matt Davies Harmony Communities Explores the Most Pet-Friendly Cities in America


Matt Davies Harmony Communities says that pets are much more than simply friends. They are cuddly companions that give order and fun to their masters’ lives and may even boost mental wellbeing. Pet owners typically desire to establish their houses within the most inviting neighborhood for their beloved pets. Sadly, several residences and places have stringent no-pet policies or implement number, weight, and breed restrictions on dogs.

Moreover, several motels and hotels have stringent no-pet rules or charge expensive fees, leaving pet travel problematic. For several pet owners, keeping their four-legged friends at home is the most challenging aspect of traveling, but happily, there are pet-friendly destinations all over America.

Top 5 Most Pet-Friendly Cities in America

  1. Portland, OR – Portland boasts larger pet parks every capita compared to any other city in the United States, and residents are pleased with their town’s pet-friendly reputation. Pets that like freshwater and obtaining sandy paws frequently visit Selwood Riverfront Park. Meanwhile, pets that prefer to go out on the trails will have plenty of alternatives in and around the city. Forest Park has several twisting routes for pets on a leash to explore, but more daring outdoor enthusiasts must get a guide for Wildwood Trail.
  1. Asheville, NC – Asheville, North Carolina, is among the trendiest communities in America, with a booming arts scene, live entertainment venues, and a walking marketplace filled with small boutiques. It is also a popular hiking location for dogs since it’s situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Moreover, the North Carolina Arboretum offers 10 miles of diverse pathways across dense woods.

While the famous Biltmore Estate, located outside of town, has 250 acres of pet-friendly groomed lawns for more sophisticated aristo-dogs. On a pet-friendly kayaking tour with French Broad Outfitters, you may have a distinct perspective of the property from the water.

  1. San Diego, CA – San Diego offers it all to entice dog and owner road trippers. The enormous west coast metropolis has pet-friendly restaurants, parks, and beaches and is home to the Western Coast. Original Dog Beach, situated approximately 15 minutes apart, was among the first off-leash beachfront in the nation. In contrast, Fiesta Island provides calm seas on the bayside and stronger surf on the oceanfront.
  1. Colorado Springs, CO – Colorado Springs’s picturesque setting at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains is an attractive location for outbound hounds. The Garden of the Gods, which enables leashed dogs to enjoy 21 miles of hiking paths surrounding brilliant red formations, is located here. Well-behaved canines will also enjoy Stratton Open Space, where they could swim in a lake off-leash and enjoy walking trails if they are under voice direction.
  1. Boston, MA – Boston is New England’s historical heart. Each neighborhood in the city, established in 1630 by Paw-ritan immigrants from England, has a story to tell, and happily, dogs may join in on the fun. The Freedom Trail provides a general overview of the country’s history, whereas one of its numerous pet-friendly excursions provides a more in-depth look. BHC Water Taxi also provides a reasonably priced, warmed, and pet-friendly excursion along the Charles River.

Moreover, the Esplanade, which runs along the river’s banks, is among the city’s most well-known pet-friendly walkways. Dogs may also have a meal in the lush greenery and explore the Lotta Fountain for an excellent water dish.


According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, America is a place where pets may dream large. They can explore communities across the country that embrace them and unique adventures across every state. Specific locations also stand out in the Country of Paw-portunity. Moreover, the greatest pet-friendly destinations are a must-visit for all pet tourists, from their excellent restaurants with unique canine cuisines to their off-leash play spaces carved into the incredible American scenery.

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