Ken Julian Underlines Few Positive Aspects of Joining the Film Industry


No matter whether a person is passionate about watching your face on the silver screen, have the ability to imagine the camera movement, angles, and shots of various movies in their mind, or have the habit of scribbling down ideas for creating a potential script, choosing to join the film industry can be a good move for many. Ken Julian points out that individuals with great creative potential can especially find joining the film industry quite a rewarding experience. They might get the opportunity to meet others having similar ambitions, dreams, and mindsets in the industry, and hone their capabilities to a good extent.

The film industry is extremely expansive and the number of job roles needed to complete just one major movie can be astronomical. Ken Julian says that this industry allows people to dabble in a number of domains, experiment with distinguished tasks associated with the movie production process, while learning and honing their own skills, and bringing their own passion and ideas to the table. While some may be looking forward to becoming a director and be in charge of the cast and crew while trying to fulfill their artistic vision, some others may like to be a sound designer who can make and break a scene with a score. Production design, on the other hand, can be a perfect sphere of work for people having a keen interest in set production pieces.

Here are some of the top reasons that make joining the film industry a good idea as per Ken Julian:

  • It thrives in collaboration: Each and every person working in the film industry ideally shares a collective passion for storytelling. It takes the efforts of individuals working in multiple spheres to make a successful movie. No film can be made by a single person, and it is always better to craft a product after exchanging suggestions and ideas with other industry professionals. It is quite great to witness how so many people from varying backgrounds and job roles come together to make one great movie. While it is true that the directors and the actors are the ones gaining maximum spotlight, no movie can be completed without their whole crew.
  • Meeting new people: As at a film set one may find hundreds or even thousands of people working together; they are highly likely to get a chance to meet a number of interesting people. Some may be like-minded, while others can be eccentric. But no matter what, most movie crews are full of stories. On the whole, film industry is quite a social field to work in, and each day spent there is likely to be filled with banter and networking.

Not all people are meant for a 9 to 5 job, where they feel like a cog in the machine. The film industry allows people to get out of the box and explore extremely exciting and interesting prospects.

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