How to Handle Different Scenarios of Resetting WordPress

Creating a WordPress website is easy, but at times, it can be tricky and time-consuming. It is a reliable and strong platform for creating websites, but it can still give you problems at times. In most cases, WordPress may not have done anything wrong, but you might have.

You may want to redesign it again, change the theme, or just start from scratch. For times like these, there is the red shiny button you can press to reset your website. However, all situations don’t require such drastic actions.

WebFactory Ltd provides the WP Reset plugin, which comes with useful features like selective reset, post reset setup, or nuclear reset options, for resetting your WP site. It is a user-friendly tool that does not require any coding skills from users.

Resetting Scenarios for WordPress

The following are different resetting decisions you should make in different scenarios.

  • Moving to another domain: If you decide to change your domain name, then you will want to delete your existing pages, or move them to new ones. In such a case, you will have to reset your old website to avoid duplication. On the other hand, you can use page redirects to point the old domain to your new domain name. It is a good practice to regain lost traffic from the old site.
  • Deleting all your content: If you decide to try new content or broaden your current content, then instead of deleting your whole website, you can just delete the content. However, it would be a safe option for you to back up your old data in case you ever want to use it again. You can delete all your posts, comments and activity, but keep your design and layout.
  • Redesign your website: If you want to redesign your website, you don’t have to delete anything. Instead, you only have to create or install a new theme for your new design which will change your current layout. It is easier to add a new theme to an existing site, rather than creating a completely new site for your content. You can implement this by creating a duplicate of your site using a staging environment that tests the new theme. If you like it, a plugin can switch your current theme to the new one.
  • Your site has been hacked or has crashed: In any situation where your website has crashed or someone has hacked into it and deleted your content, you can revive it through your backup. You can download a zip file of your website to your computer and save it. This could be the best backup option. Don’t forget to reset the site first.


The different scenarios mentioned above are where you can use other methods, instead of deleting all your efforts on your original website. Always keep a backup for emergencies.

If you wish to clean you existing web pages, before trying the reset option, then you can use WP 301 Redirects. It is a premium WordPress plugin that helps in redirecting, checking errors, and resetting WordPress pages. You can learn more about it on

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