Advancements in wind turbine technology

More than ever before, there is angrowing push for clean energy and thanks to the effects of fossil fuels that have threatened human life and world ecosystems. Wind power is one of the best sources of clean, renewable energy and over the last few years, there has been a lot of investment toward this sector. The good news is that every other day, there is an innovation in wind technology and hopefully, things will change for the good.

Following are some of the innovations in this sector

Development of airborne wind turbines

Airborne wind turbines come in two types, Makani and Altaeros. At the highest attitude, Makani can access strong winds that are consistent and therefore able to generate power and supply the whole country four times more compared to the existing electrical power. On the other hand, Altaeros turbine uses helium-fitted inflatable shells which can go up to the highest attitudes to tap strong winds and generate power more sustainable power.

Wind harvesters

Wind harvesters tap power from low-speed winds by the use of horizontal aerofoils which are based on reciprocating motion. Wind harvesters do not make noise and the power produced here can be supplied to replace the expensive electric power though at a low speed.

Bladeless wind power

This is done by the use of wind stalk which has a hollow pole and a piezoelectric ceramic disc. In between the discs, some electrodes are connected by a cable. The wind makes the discs contract hence generating power.

Wind power storage

This technology makes use of stored water to produce power in times of increased demand. When there is low power demand, the excess energy is used to pump water into vertically separated reservoirs. In times of high power demand, the stored water is allowed to flow downhill into the lower reservoir and in the processing power will be generated which is reliable and efficient. Besides, it is cost-efficient owing to the cheap installation process.

Use of quiet wind turbines

This advancement in wind turbines does not make noise. It has a 20kW generating capacity which is very reliable and sustainable.

Development in lenses

This is a wind turbine technology that is highly efficient as per the several kinds of research done. The wind power produced by lenses is very cheap compared to any other. This technology is done by putting the wind lens around the turbine blades.

Community-owned wind power

Wind turbines are owned by members of the community and it is shared freely. This power also enables the members to earn income by extending it to their neighbors at a cost. The income generated is used to fund community projects.

Wind technology is highly appreciated in many countries as it is very cheap and offers renewable power energy. Leaning more heavily on renewable energy sources is a collective effort from us consumers, to researchers developing this new technology, to companies like Kor-Pak that provide the equipment. All its advances are exciting and that should tell you where the world is headed in terms of technology.

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